Campeau Genealogy

This page is dedicated to the descendants of Etienne Campeau, born around 1638 in the parish of Brieve La Guillard. Etienne arrived in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (New France) between 1659-1660. He was given a piece of land by Founder of Montreal, Sieur de Maisonneuve, as were other early settlers. For this land they were obligated to farm the land and defend Montreal against Iroquois Indians. Etienne was a mason and stone cutter by trade, and several of his sons were engaged in fur trading and traveled as far as Michelemachnic. In October 1663 (probably after fulfilling a three year military or indentureship) Etienne established himself by taking lease on land at Pointe St. Charles, and a month later married Catherine Paulo, a “Daughter of the King”.

In 1665, for the purpose of further colonization, and to provide a buffer zone between the hostile Iroquois Indians and the Montreal settlers, Montreal Governor, Paul de Chomedey, offered grants along the shores of the Petite Riviere St. Pierre to those settlers brave enough to set up homesteads on this first line of defense. Only seven accepted: Jean Baptiste Gadois, Pierre Rageneau, Jean Roy, Simon Cardinal, Pierre Gadois, Micheal Neprue, and Etienne Campeau. These seven men were known for their bravery and dubbed the “Argoulets” (Archers) after an original corps of cavaliers of great reputation in the French army. Within that first year . Pierre Rageneau and Micheal Neprue were killed by Indian arrows. After three years, the French militia conquered the savage Iroquois in 1668, and Etienne Campeau and wife, Catherine Paulo knew a measure of relief.

Etienne Campeau died at age 54 in 1692. A notion in the registry of Notary Claude Maugue, dated 24 September 1692, lists the assets of the deceased and status that the “death was unexpected”. Catherine Paulo was widowed at age 46, and remained a widow for 29 years before dying 16 April 1721 and is interred alone in Montreal.

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Campeau Family Genealogy

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