J Cameron

John Charles Cameron 

  My uncle John Cameron was aboard the HMT Rohna on November 26, 1943, during WWII, and was among the one thousand, one hundred and thirty eight men who perished when the British troopship was attacked from the air and destroyed between Algers and Phillipville (now Annaba), Algeria in the Mediterranean Sea. It left Oran, Algeria on the morning of November 25 (Thanksgiving day), and had Thanksgiving dinner aboard ship. It joined convoy KMF26 which consisted of 24 ships bound for Bombay, India via the Suez Canal.

   The Rohna was hit by a German HS 293 ‘glider bomb’ doped from a Heinkel 177 bomber of 11/KG-40. The attack was so devastating that the U.S. Government placed a veil of secrecy upon it. In letters sent to his mother over the fallowing year the U.S. Government’s story had changed. The location of the sinking changed from the Mediterranean, to the European theatre. And no other details were given.

Letter sent from War Department December 29,1943.

Letter sent from War Department March 27,1944.

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