Cameron Genealogy

This page is dedicated to the descendants of James Cameron. Who is thought to have been born in 1755 in Inverness, Scotland. He sailed with the ’42nd Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Regiment)’ 2nd Battlion, under the command of Colonel Lord John Murrey, Lieutenant Colonel Norman MacLoud, Major Patrick Graham and Lieutenant Dngand Campbell to North America on May 1, 1776 from Greenock Scotland. Along with the Fraser Highlands. He fought with the British in the American Revolutionary War.

In August 1783 at the close of the war the regiment was reduced from ten companies of fifty men each to eight. Approximately one hundred men of the 42nd Highland Regiment elected to take there discharge at this time, James was one of these, and in that year he was evacuated from New York (Paulus Hook, New Jursey) and settled at the mouth of the Saint John River in present-day New Brunswick, Canada as a Loyalist.

James first receaved a land grant in August 1784 of lot No. 247 in Parrtown which is now part of  ‘Saint John’. In 1785 under the leadership of Lieutenant Dugald Campbell (the Campbell Grant), the 42nd Highlanders and others moved to the Nashwaak River (a tributary to the Saint John River) east of ‘Fredericton’ and received lot No. 95.

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For my uncle John Charles Cameron (8/11/1920-11/26/1943)

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Cameron Family Genealogy

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