Maxson & Zimmer Genealogy

   This page is dedicated to the descendants of Richard Maxson. Part of the  records through Varnum Phineas Maxson’s (1755-1849) children, are from Phineas Maxson’s Bible records in possession of Mrs. William Lowry, of Hammond, N. Y., and from Surrogate’s office at Clayton, N. Y., furnished by Albert T. Maxson. Phineas Maxson lived three or four years in Hopkinton, R. 1., after the Revolution, when he moved to N. Y., living in Hoosic, Shadock, New Baltimore, six and one-half years, where he was allowed a pension on application executed Sept. 5, 1832 (Vet. Admin. Certificate 8485 issued Dec. 22, 1832, N. Y. and accounting office). In his application for pension, Stephen Maxson of DeRuyter, N. Y., stated that he was a cousin of Phineas Maxson and that he served in the Revolution with Phineas. Phineas Maxson enlisted May 1775, served 8 months as sergeant (1776-1777), served 3 months as Ensign In Capt. Jesse Bur-dock’s Co., Colo. Jease Maxson’s R. 1. Regt. He was commissioned July 9, 1780, Capt. of the 3rd company trained band of Hopkinton, R.I.  In 1780, he marched to Newport and served one month under Col. Miller. Capt. John Maxson (1701-1786), father of Jesse Maxson, was a cousin of Rev. John Maxson (1666-1748).

 Asa Chandler Maxson

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Maxson Family

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Maxson information sources:

The Lyman Percy Maxson Branch of the Maxson Family
Research and Compilation by Asa Chandler Maxson; Longmont, Co.

Web Site for:  ‘Flesher/Fleischer Database’